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I first learned about the Camino de Santiago, the pilgrimage path to Santiago de Compostela,  in 1979 when I first went to Spain on a Fulbright to research Pastorelas (Shepherds’ Plays) for my dissertation. At that time and in subsequent trips to Spain in 1985 and especially since 1990, I yearned to make the trek, dreamed of walking the ancient path of the stars, el Camino de Santiago. Last winter, I finally made the 500 mile long walk–following el Camino Frances, across northern Spain.  This special blog is where I will reflect on my walk during December 17,2010-February 1, 2011–I am calling it an “immersion memoir” and in each daily entry, I will reflect on what I was doing the year before. I am not sure if I will stop blogging about El Camino on February 9, exactly one year after I came back to San Antonio, or if I will continue as I plan to go on another pilgrimage in the coming years.


Posted November 25, 2011 by normacantu

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  1. An amazing experience, not to mention an accomplishment of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing this remarkable experience.

    Marguerite Kearns

  2. I want to walk the Camino in November through December starting in Pampolona but am worried about the weather. I am from Northern Wisconsin and am use to -20 F weather and blizzards. Do you have any advise?

    • LeeAnn, I walked from December 17th to Feb 1st and yes, it was cold and rainy and tehre were times when we could not find an open albergue(pilgrim’s hostal) and had to pay more for a regular hostal, but I am very glad I walked in winter. Since you will be starting in Pamplona, and not in France, you should be ok with the weather–we only had snow in France and in the highest peaks like O’Cebreiro. Even then, the walking was not impossible as the path was well marked. The fact that you are familiar with blizzards will make it easier. I am from South Texas and we rarely see snow! I plan to go back in May this coming summer, but only for the last 100 km. I just don’t have the time. Perhaps in a year or two I can take off for 2 months again and walk it all the way from France. Buen Camino!

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