February 1, 2011 We arrive in Santiago   1 comment

In this last entry, I will post photos and leave the writing for the book where I can allow more time and space for a full description of our few days in Santiago, in Finisterre and back to Madrid and to Toledo where my Camino began. That was where I got the credencial that was stamped each night along the way back in December 15, 2010. It seemed eons ago, and I certainly was a different person then than on February 1, 2011. And I am a different person now, June 18, 2012 as I conclude this blog. I have decided the rest of the stoy will be part of the book project and I want to thank Rebecca Vela for allowing me to use some of her photos, but especially for her companionship, her friendship, and above all her willingness to walk the Camino once more, to be my co peregrina on this journey of a lifetime. Gracias a mis guias, mis “agneles de la guardia,” Marian and Josebe in Estella, Maria Jesus in Santiago, and all who provided shelter, food, and prayers along the Camino. ¡Ultreya! Y ¡buen Camino!

We begin our day with the sunrise.

El Camino, the last stretch, a pilgrim leaves a glove. It was customary that when pilgrims arrived they would burn their clothes.

Happy peregrinas gozando…

After walking for hours in the hot blistering sun, we walk into the cool respite of the Pilgrim’s Office to be greeted with warm smiles and asked a few questions…

Welcome sign…

El cofre with Santiago’s remains. St. James traveled a long ways and has been here a long time.

As in the old days, we are fed well at the Comedor de peregrinos.

Quentin, Becky and another peregrino toast before the wonderful meal. Becky got a great vegetarian meal! Quentin ate all three meals there for three days before heading on to Muxia.

My delicious meal…couldn’t resist the meat!

After dinner out side the Parador. A dream come true! So many times I had stood in this same plaza and imagined myself a pilgrim arriving here at this very spot.


¡Todo es posible!

That night I slept in the albergue that we shared with two other pilgrims and the next morning I woke up with a migraine so we postponed our trip to Finisterre. Why the migraine? No se. Too much sun the day before? Too much meat after almost two months of a near vegetarian diet? Who knows? But after a horrible day in bed trying to get over it, I did, and we were ready for Finisterre, the end of the world, the end of our journey on the Path of the Stars, el Camino de Compostela.


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  1. Unbelievably amazing. Inspiring in so many ways!

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