January 27, 2011 Walking in the snow once again….brrrrrrrr   Leave a comment

We left Ferreiros with snow and sleet.

Leaving the Albergue in Ferreiros

The slippery path a challenge for us. Our walking sticks did their jobs and our boots theirs to keep us upright! It was a Thursday. The woman at the restaurant in Ferreiros showed us a magazine article–she and her daughter Natalia are famous because they rescued a pilgrim who almost died. They have served the pilgrims for generations. The daughter is now in Santiago studying at the university. The father has died.

At a cross-roads, the yellow arrow clearly marks the Camino

We arrived in Portomarin in the early afternoon. The albergue also is without menaje but here there is no restaurant so we all pool our meager holdings. The couple from Uruguay has a pot and so we cook our dinner–a watery soup! We contribute our day old bread and some clementines.

A pilgrim shrine...

Along the Camino, on the way to Portomarin

Someone tells us about the local drink, orujo, a liqueur made with herbs; carajillo is coffee with the liqueur.

the church in Portomarín

At dinner, Jose and Ricardo–looks like the couple we met a few days back–they’re Spaniards; there’s also a Korean, and the Japanese scientist. Leticia and Estuvao from Brazil (they have a rock band), knew to bring a pot along; they offer to cook. We laugh and enjoy the meal and the company.

Our makeshift dinner from all of our meager contributions...but we were happy!


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