January 25, 2011–From Samos to Sarria   Leave a comment

Chapel on the road to Sarria

We left Samos around 10 a.m. although we got up much earlier. The night before we dined at a real restaurant, A Veiga–the food was excellent. I had merluza a la gallega and menestre de verduras. El camarero, the waiter–Moises–took us back to the albergue because we were running late and they close the door at 10 p.m. His car wouldn’t start and he was mortified fearing that we would be too late. But we got there with 10minutes to spare. The lights were out already and we sneaked into our cots with double blankets–it was so cold! the hand-loomed wool blankets–mine were beige and blue and red. I made a pillow with yet another blanket. Cleber–from Brazil–joined us for dinner. The others were nowhere to be found when we left the monastery tour we made time before mass by finding the restaurant–the kitchen opened at 8:30, just after mass.

Albergue municipal de Sarria

Walking on a somewhat sunny day–what a respite from the fog and drizzle! The path clearly marked. The albergue in Sarria a welcome sight, although it was tricky to find it and climbing that last set of stairs a challenge.

So we walked into Sarria this afternoon and headed for a grocery store. As we were headed back several pilgrims stopped us to ask where the grocery store was located. The Koreans, mostly young men travel alone or in groups. Here it is a group with an older woman we found out later is the mother.

Sarria is the spot many pilgrims choose to start at for if you arrive in Santiago with a credencial stamped from here on in, you get your Compostela just the same as if you’d walked from France.

We went to a papelería and I bought a notebook since my old faithful is about filled up. Wonder if I will ever read my notes; and here I am, now over a year later reading and reminiscing and so wishing I were back on the Camino. Jose wrote an email last week. He too is thinking of us, but he is walking it again.


MEDITATION FOCUS: The Camino starts wherever one chooses. It is the walking that makes it real. Cada quien lo hace a su manera.

The storks reign over everything.

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