January 17, 2011 from Astorga to Rabanal del Camino   Leave a comment

We walked around Astorga after breakfast and before following the yellow arrows out of town. It is an ancient town; next to the albergue is a plaza at the site where an old synagogue stood. I had churros with coffee–a rare breakfast for me since I don’t drink much caffeine! But, I couldn’t resist. We walked out of the cafe on calle mayor and strolled by the Gaudi building museum and to a new church with modern design and with an ecclesiastic message.

Then we were on the Camino again, walking through small towns and villages on a misty, wet day. The rocky path was slippery and the narrow footpath was full of puddles.

Rocky path






We walked by several albergues in small towns along the way–

This albergue was closee but we went in and visited with the caretaker who had come to feed the dogs.



Albergue del Pilar in Rabanal del Camino

We were treated to caldo de maragato prepared by the hospitalera who had injured her foot walking the Camino.  Jose was here too. He read cards for a young boy from Madrid who is walking because his girlfriend dumped him. Jose read his cards and stayed up late talking to him. The albergue is very cold, but the hospitalteros are friendly and they shared the soup with us. The traditional maragato soup is typical of the area. I wish I knew more about the people from the area, the maragato culture is very rich.

MEDITATION FOCUS: Walking on a slippery rocky path or along a wet narrow path is only part of the story.  At day’s end when you arrive at the place of rest, you can then recall the day and give thanks for the lessons and the challenges. El Camino leads us to where we need to be. I will not forget the sense of freedom and of connection to the earth I had walking on the Camino, the Milky Way above and the Ley lines below.


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