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A year ago, Becky and I woke up in Frómista as the other pilgrims were leaving. Leaving Fromista, we followed the path for 20 Km to Carrion de los Condes. Most of the path went alongside the river — Río Ucieza. The sound of the water rushing.  In the morning before leaving Frómista, we went to get some food at a cafe and ran into Jack, so we spent some time with him;  he showed us his book.

Norma with Jack at the Cafe in Frómista

It is an interesting one and he seems to know quite a bit about the Camino including many facts and historical tidbits. Jack is a talker. He tells us stories in English; although it is not his first language, he speaks it very well.

 Walking into the town, we met an old man who recognized we were pilgrims and escorted us to Sta. Maria la Blanca albergue parrochial. But it was closed, so another old man brought us to Espiritu Santo, also religious. From the window of the albergue, we were on the second story, we could see the storks we had seen as we walked into Carrion de los Condes. Seems like all the high spots are occupied by a number of storks and their nests.

At the albergue we met 3 other pilgrims-all young men including Lars. Jack is not here, so we decide he must be staying at an hostal or a hotel–enjoying the finer things in life. The kitchen is the only warm place here. so we congregate there. In addition to Lars, there is a pilgrim from Canada who is walking back from Santiago–he has been walking since October– and another young man who is from Belgium on his way to Santiago.

A nun–her name is Mila–who seems to be in charge came by to make sure we were all in and wished us good night. She tells me that yesterday there was a conversion. I ask what she means and she looks at me quizzically. Well, there was a young man who had not had confession and he did. She says he was crying and was very glad to have come to the Camino. Happens all the time, she concludes. Ocurre muy seguido. I am surprised because none of the pilgrims we have encountered seem to be particularly religious or to be walking for religious purposes. But I don’t doubt that walking will lead some to think about their role in the universe, of why they are here, not just on the Camino but on this earth. The facilities are okay but the cots are not the most comfortable. At least everything is very clean!

Inside the Espiritu Santo Albergue in Carrion de los Condes

We went to an internet cafe and I was able to read e-mail and feel homesick! When we returned, Becky did a reiki healing on Lars’s leg. He has a huge tatoo of the Virgin Mary on his calf! I was surprised to see that. He tells us that his parents are not religious and do not understand his penchant for Mary, how since he was a child he has had this immense love for her.

The albergue feels like a convent as it no doubt served and probably still serves this purpose. The nuns walk quietly and talk in hushed tones. The place must be lively in summer. There are outdoor laundry facilities and even an area where one could eat outdoors. Not in January! It is cold!

MEDITATION FOCUS: Reiki is healing energy. I make a commitment to learn reiki when I return to San Antonio.


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