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Carefully crossing a creek

In Calzadilla de la Cueza we saw Lars walking around the very quiet and calm town. We had to go to the Hostal Bar Camino Real to get the key to the albergue. We returned for dinner–the place was full of workers and Lars was also there–he’s staying at the hostal and not the albergue. The owner, Cesar, stamped our credencial. Tannia the server and the cook were the only women there. We were the only ones at the albergue and we talked up a storm. We dreamed up a broadway show! El Camino! Three acts–one for each Edad–primera: St. Jean to Estella, segunda: Estella to Leon, y tercera: Leon to Santiago. Each act has four scenes–several characters: dance numbers: The snorers, the los hospitaleros, walking uphill, los altos, etc. Becky can choreaograph the dance numbers. I kept hearing the music as I fell asleep.

Backy and Tannia

Becky and Norma in Calzadilla de la Cueza

MEDITATION FOCUS: Creativity is everywhere! I do wish we could do the Broadway show–a musical named El Camino! 

PHOTOS: taken by Becky or with Becky’s camera.


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