From Magical Estella to Los Arcos   Leave a comment

December 26, 2011–I am feeling better and so I try to catch up with the posts….

A year ago, on December 26, we leave the apartment that Maria Josebe so graciously allowed us to use and walk to the Tourism Office to leave the key with Maria; Marian is on vacation. Estella was indeed magical! How else to describe it?  As we walk out of Estella, we go by the Bodegas de Irache, where pilgrims can help themselves to free wine.

Bodegas de Irache-free wine for pilgrims

It is a high, Alto where Albergue Monjardin sits. we don’t say there, but proceed to los Arcos. It gets dark early although it is already past the solstice.The leg pain is gone and I feel fine. we begin our walk out of town and walk continuously for hours and hours. We stopped in the middle of the pine forest to heal my foot and leg. As we finished two bicyclists sped by almost hitting us. They startled me. The forest holds secrets, I sense it. The lay lines that run through here are very powerful. In later posts I will talk more about the magnetic lines that undergird the earth’s surface and how the Camino runs along the lines.


I am tired. I must rest so I can continue posting. A year ago, on the Camino I was physically tired, but now I seem to be mentally tired. I have not meditated much, just focused on healing myself and others. It isn’t late, only 11:25 p.m. but my eyes can’t stay open. So unlike me to be sleepy so early. But I will listen to the body and rest. Maybe that is the meditation focus for tonight: Listen to the body!


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