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Welcome to this space and to my reflections, my immersion memoir, as it were, of my Camino experience.  The Camino has been there for centuries, but I made it mine by walking it. I often felt as if I’d walked along the paths before, perhaps in ancient time, in another era. Many of the experiences I will share have no rational explanation; I have stopped trying to understand them, stopped trying to “figure it out” with my usual analytical tools. Along the way, I hope to share a bit of the history that I learned along The Way, to offer a glimpse of what the experience was like, focus somewhat on lessons I gleaned from conversations, from dreams, from just walking in contemplation, and of course to introduce the many folks I met, hospitaler@s–those gracious hosts who welcome pilgrims from all over the world–townspeople who are used to seeing the pilgrims pass through their towns, and the pilgrims themselves, los peregrin@s, fellow travelers who shared so much with me and my walking companion.

One of my aims is to be honest, brutally honest. To tell it like it was for me, while also telling it like it is now, a year after I went on a spiritual journey that affirmed many of my beliefs but also disturbed the quotidian calm of my life in San Antonio, Texas.  While telling my truth about the pilgrimage, I expect to discern the lessons and the messages–mostly those that came to me through the many miracles, large and small, that I witnessed along the way. During the walking, I reminded myself often that there are no coincidences, that there are no accidents. All the while picking up phrases from fellow pilgrims and others that soon established me as an “insider” in the world of the camino. Phrases like, “El camino te da lo que necesites y el camino te quita lo que no”  (The path provides what you need and it takes away what you don’t) helped when I lost things, or when I found things, objects and abstract concepts, that illuminated my understanding of the pilgrimage itself.

Tonight, in this my first blog post, I invite you to join me from here on in, on this journey that began a year ago. It did not begin on November 25, but I chose to begin tonight as a tribute to my parents, Florentino and Virginia who were married on November 25, 1945 in Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. Mexico. I will be learning how to blog from now until December 9, when I begin the reflection on my travel to Spain.

I will be connecting through Facebook and may link this blog to my web site as well. Buenas Noches/Good Night!


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4 responses to “Hello world!

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  1. Very Touching! I plan to follow you, Norma, on this adventure. Yes, share with us your fantastic spiritual journey; the rest of us will enefit.

    Veronica in Corpus Christi

  2. Norma, I am soooo excited that you’re doing this. For me, it will be an especially meaningful experience to “hear” you tell about your experience then and now with additional reflection. Mi traveling companera, I’ll be walking it with you again, only this time I’ll be seeing it through your eyes.
    Becky V.

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